NutraPure Fungus Clear Supplement Review

NutraPure Fungus Clear Review

Are you looking for a fast nail fungus treatment and was wondering if you should try out NutraPure fungus treatment?

While fungus and bacterium infestation is a critical health condition that can cause you many sleepless nights, you should never bow down to low-quality treatment options in your desperation to find something that works. Perhaps you have seen some light at the end of the tunnel by either by reading the Nutra Pure website or by going through the many reviews online. So you’re only here for the go-ahead to purchase this product. Read on to see what we think.

About NutraPure Fungus Clear

Nutra Pure was developed as a remedy for fungal infections in the nails. According to their website, this capsule-form health regimen works by clearing fungus from the inside of the body. It is taken in by ingestion, just as like with many other popular supplements. Their website claim that this product can be absorbed within a few minutes after taking it and clear off all fungi in just one day. It is also claimed that just a single done will give you protection against fungi and other microorganisms for more than 15 years. This are outrageous claims that are not possible because fugi tends to alter thir form with time and not even anti-biotics ca be predicted to have such an outcome.

I will not delve much into the specific components or the molecular organization of Nutra Pure. Some of the components are said to be probiotics which are capable of triggering the body’s immune system. These are mostly artificial, for example lactobacillus plantarum probiotic 4 (did that name also give you a problem?).

The Problem Begins With the Formulation

The main limitation with Nutra Pure starts with its formulation. One can never really trust artificially products no matter what benefits are preached about them. Artificial additives, although capable of strengthening antibodies, have also been seen to contribute to health issues when accumulated over a long time period. Although the company says that it has ensured bioavailability of all ingredients, 100% purity and quality, a common user cannot really determine the truth behind this claim. The only way you can know for sure if the encapsulated ingredients are bioavailable is to test out the product. This means buying the product, which summarizes to risk of losing your hard eared cash if the product doesn’t give the results you expected.

Products made of artificial ingredients or with additives also tend to have pronounced side effects in a majority of the population. For Nutra Pure, you will start feeling the side effects immediately you ingest the capsule. In the initial stages, the manufacturer warns that you’ll feel pain or nausea. Apparently this is what shows that the product has begun acting upon the fungal accumulation in your body. Whether this is true or false, products side effects can stall your productivity. You will have a limited time period by which you must take the product so that it doesn’t interfere with your day’s itinerary.

The manufacturer also claims on the website that a single dose of Nutra Pure supplement is capable of clearing all the fungus build up in the body. Personally I feel like such a claim is toying with the user’s intelligence. There is no health regimen or even medication, no matter how strong, that can clear up all fungi that has built up for whatever time period in an individual’s body in just one day. So this claim is purely a market strategy that has torn the line.

You are also encouraged that after taking the supplement over a period of time you’ll begin to feel soft, “strong and healthy especially on the hands and nails.” The time period by which supplements that are ingested take time to give the effect of strong and healthy is debatable. Individuals immune system have different configuration. Supplements may take a short time to show results in one person and a longer time in another. There is no standard period therefore by which one can expect results. So maybe even after taking the single pill for those 30 days you won’t see the results and will be compelled to purchase another bottle.

Supplements are known to create over dependency by users. This means that once you start taking them your system will be so dependent on them that when you stop all the fungi will begin to grow again. It’s like they work only to suppress the fungi but once they are absent the fungi gets to life again.

And perhaps the most risky thing about purchasing this product is that you cannot use it while on another form of medication or treatment. This means you will be significantly putting your life in danger by purchasing this product online without prior consultation with a professional medical practitioner.

Fungus Repair Treatment

What Do I Recommend Instead?

Dealing with fungal infections, both short term and long term, requires an ingredient with a fast mode of action. Fungus Repair is an oil formulation that has been proven to have 99.9% efficacy rate on fungi on the foot, hands and other parts of the body. This product works by penetrating deep into the skin to clear away all forms of fungi right from the upper most layer of the skin down to the blood vessels.

Oil formulations are not like supplements, their mode of action is much faster. Fungus repair is also composed of natural ingredients, which means that you will experience little or no side effects of using the product. And unlike Nutra Pure supplement, Fungus repair oil formulation is quite affordable ($89.95 for three bottles and $39.95 for one bottle) meaning you will be able to afford enough to clear off all skin infection until you feel sufficiently healed.

Bottom Line

NutraPure Fungus Clear may look like the real deal, but perhaps it’s not. But the benefits of using it will not outdo those of using Fungus Repair. The only difference in choosing the two in fact is that you will be able to buy one at a very affordably and the other will punch an irreparable hole in your pocket. Also, with Fungus Repair you will be able to see guaranteed results within 14 days of use.

NutraPure Fungus Clear

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